The Bottom Line Archive Series: In Their Own Words: With Vin Scelsa
Artist: Lou Reed and Kris Kristofferson
Format: CD
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1. Introduction
2. Vin Scelsa Introduces Lou Reed
3. Betrayed
4. Vin Scelsa Introduces Kris Kristofferson
5. Shipwrecked
6. L.R. On Songwriting
7. Legendary Hearts
8. K.K. On His Childhood & Songwriting
9. Sunday Morning Coming Down / The Pilgrim
10. L.R. On New York
11. Strawman
12. K.K. Talks About "Strawman"
13. Sam's Song
14. L.R. On Writing For Wim Wenders
15. Why Can't I Be Good
16. L.R. On Autobiographical Songs


1. K.K. On Nashville
2. Help Me Make It Through The Night
3. L.R. On Velvet Underground & Warhol
4. Sweet Jane
5. K.K. On Writing
6. To Beat The Devil
7. L.R. On Writing Prose
8. Romeo Had Juliet
9. Burden Of Freedom
10. K.K On "Me And Bobby Mcgee"
11. Me And Bobby Mcgee
12. K.K. On "Bird On A Wire"
13. Bird On A Wire
14. Tracks Of My Tears