Danger: Rock Science


Format: CD
Label: Hidden Agenda
Catalog: 42
Rel. Date: 10/22/2002
UPC: 795306504221

Danger: Rock Science
Artist: Menthol
Format: CD
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Add the name Balthazar de Lay to the long, lamentable list of musicians whohave been unfairly shoveled onto the industry compost heap. De Lay's firstband, Mother, self-released an album almost ten years ago which buzzed theminto a Capitol contract and a name change to Menthol. The band's eponymousmajor label debut in 1995 was well received and, after the touring grind, theyreturned to the studio three years ago to record the follow-up. When they emerged,the label savants balked at Menthol's shameless ‘80s homage and refusedto release it. In a terrific turn of events, de Lay and his band simply re-recordedthe album rather than forking over boat payments to the legal vultures to regainownership of the original recordings.

In one sense, the suits were right about the ‘80s vibe shimmering off Menthol'sDanger: Rocket Science. It's all driving guitars and burbling synthsand clockwork rhythms, a raucous mind meld of Devo ("Future Shock"),New Order ("Strange Living"), Gary Numan ("The Professor")and Thomas Dolby (the title track) with a decided David Bowie glam/pop guitarethic shot through everything. Where the label parrots shot themselves in thetalons was in thinking of Menthol's ‘80s worship as a detriment. Guitaristde Lay invests Rocket Science with so much pure joy and energy; it'simpossible to listen to it without spontaneously smiling and dancing. From startto finish, Danger: Rocket Science is Menthol's love letter to ‘80snew wave, and the love is so true and fresh, you can't help but returnthe love.