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Hot Skins


Format: Digital
Label: VSOP Records
Rel. Date: 01/16/2009
UPC: 722937002918

Hot Skins
Artist: Shelly Manne
Format: Digital


Available Formats and Editions


1. Nightingale (Cugat, Wise, Oakland)
2. Bobby's Fables (Robert Gil)
3. Move (Miles Davis)
4. Sometimes I'm Happy (Youmans, Caesar)
5. Rhumba By Candlelight (Robert Gil)
6. Magitos (Robert Gil)
7. Caravan (Duke Ellington)
8. Fascinating Lady (Robert Gil)
9. Too Marvelous (Mercer, Whiting)
10. Number Four (Robert Gil)
11. Gil's Dilemma (Robert Gil)
12. Nightingale (Cugat, Wise, Oakland)
13. Move (Miles Davis)
14. Sometimes I'm Happy (Youmans, Caesar)
15. Sometimes I'm Happy (Youmans, Caesar)
16. Rhumba By Candlelight (Robert Gil)
17. Caravan (Duke Ellington)
18. Caravan (Duke Ellington)