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''Eve-Olution'' is the third album from Grammy Award-winning female rapper Eve. The album debuted at #6 on the Billboard 200. The album was not as successful as her first two albums, but it was certified Gold, selling 635,000 units. The album features the hit single "Gangsta Lovin'" featuring Alicia Keys, "Satisfaction", and cameos with Dr. Dre and Truth Hurts on "What!". The clean version of the album removes all of the interludes. - Wikipedia

Eve has always made a better icon than an artist, which isn't to say thatshe's a bad artist. Self-described as a "pit bull in a skirt,"Eve is hip-hop's archetypal bad girl with a heart of gold, sexier thanhell (who on earth could resist that sneer?) but not about to give her bodyup at the drop of a hat, smart in a way that's more common-sense (and identifiablewith by her audience) than intellectually rigorous. Like most large-living rappersright now-and, truth be told, historically-she's a singles artistat heart, good for a couple killer hits per album: "Gotta Man" and"Let's Talk About" from 2000's Ruff Ryders' FirstLady, "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" from last year's Scorpion.

But Eve-olution, her third album, is misleadingly titled, or at leastmissing an "R"-it seems to revolve in circles, spinning aroundher strengths but hardly building off them. Even the singles are starting toslip: "Gangsta Lovin'" is a pro forma "I love me some thug"song, and Alicia Keys' vocal feels about as right on it as, oh, Tiny Timwould. The album's problems are only amplified on "Stop Hatin'(Skit)," the kind of self-serving crap that befalls superstars of whatevertype: an anonymous couple argues over Eve's merits, with the woman saidto be "jealous" of Eve's success by a man who equates Grammysand movie-making with actual quality. The worst thing is that Eve, who'sclearly more talented than this album lets on, seems to believe it herself.