Format: CD
Catalog: 0080556
Genre: Classical
Rel. Date: 01/25/2000
UPC: 089408055621

Come Gentle Night: Music Of Shakespeare's World
Artist: Ensemble Galilei
Format: CD
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1. Mister Issac's Maggot, Chestnut (Dove's Vagary)
2. Woodycock
3. Death's Second Self
4. Jack's Health, Vale Of Years, Jack's Health Reel
5. Come, Gentile Night
6. Departe, Departe, The Cobbler's Hornpipe, Third Act Tune
7. But Let Them Go, Ladies, Sight No More
8. In A Garden So Green, Childgrove
9. Fire, Burn, and Cauldron Bubble
10. The Asp
11. Rumble Thy Bellyful
12. Pastime With Good Company, O Lusty May
13. Irish Lament
14. Joy To THe Person Of My Love
15. The Winter's Tale Set: Love's Winter Light, Apples In Winter, Dr
16. Lilli Burleo
17. The Scottich Play Set: Life Is But A Walking Shadow, Mill, Mill
18. Heart's Ease, Now That The Spring, Gathering Peascods
19. No Longer Mourn For Me