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Hello there. Strictly Discs brightening up your inbox here with the week's new releases. Feels like just yesterday we were all ranting and raving about the startling debut album by Alabama soul unit ST. PAUL & THE BROKEN BONES but what's that you say, it came out in 2014? Oh. Well they return from a long silence with 'The Alien Coast', a beautiful new record that finds their stirring retro-futurist groove on an even wider sprawl. Rootsy indie group PINEGROVE come through with '1111', in the house on regular black and deluxe red vinyl. The songwriting polycule of BILL CALLAHAN and BONNIE PRINCE BILLY has been teasing us with the promise of free-wheeling collaborative album since the earliest days of Q-tine, and now we've got 'Blind Date Party', a jam-packed double album with enough guests to crash your browser; pert near the whole living Drag City roster is on this thing in one form or another. Chicago musician Eric D. Johnson has maintained his bad FRUIT BATS since the nineties, and apparently when you keep a band that long, you lose track of a lot of songs. They're all found again on 'Sometimes a Cloud Is Just a Cloud', a new collection reaching back to 2001, in the shop on limited pink/white swirl vinyl. Melodic alterna-rock continues with new vinyl releases from SEA WOLF and BAD SUNS, which are anagrams of eachother, jk jk. 

Peerless folk rocker PJ HARVEY announced a new era of her undulating career with 2011's 'Let England Shake', a very refreshing record that tilled a fresh layer of soil on the songwriter's investigation of the intersections of womanhood and politics. Ten years on, its become quite rare on LP, so here we have a fresh printing, alongside an LP of demos for every song. The early material Sadie Dupuis made as SPEEDY ORTIZ could accurately be compared to Miz Harvey on a bedroom budget (maybe a little Mary Timony and Kim Deal too), and she certainly borrowed a swig her shapeshifting swagger for the group's debut cassette, also released in 2011 and now expanded to a full LP with more tracks and a big booklet of ephemera that captures the vibe of a restless young artist waking up with new ideas every day. Also in the shop, a lovely new album of Spanish folk pop from MARIA RODES and your choice of Charlottes: CHARLOTTE DAY WILSON delivers 'Alpha' on pink wax, while CHARLOTTE CORNFIELD brings 'Highs In The Minuses' on blue. Relevant album title right there!


There are some "elusive producers" out there, but few have built quite as sturdy a brand on that elusivity as BURIAL, the London bloke who invented a style with his first record and has spent close to two decades confounding those that expect him to return to it. No dice on his first proper release in a couple of years, 'Antidawn', a vividly minimalist moving picture for the ear that rewards an undistracted listen. New York duo ANTELOPER (trumpeter Jaimie Branch and Little Women drummer Jason Nazary) gallop back into view with a vinyl pressing of their rich and inventive 2018 debut tape 'Kudu'. Classicism meets synthesis on an entrancing debut album from Berlin artist MAYA SHENFELD called 'In Free Fall'.

If we could plunk our store down anywhere back in time, it could easily be 1960s Cartagena, stocking every last fire-breathing record from the Discos Fuentes label that showcased Colombia's fertile cumbia scene, drawing from the deep well of the Afro-Cuban diaspora. A pair of that label's crown jewels are back in print this week from COMBO LOS YOGAS and PEREGOYO Y SU COMBO VACANA. Not to be outdone, the Fania percussion gem 'Lo Ultimo En La Avenida' from ISMAEL RIVERA is here, and we have a new pressing of the all-timer compilation 'Demolicion!' documenting the brief existence of the Peruvian proto-punk garage group LOS SAICOS. 

Australian composer A.R. WILSON has been treating us to charming, soothing, and conceptually-daring music for over a decade now, whether its his kankyo ongaku-styled music for dance as Art Wilson, delirious trancey bliss as Andras Fox, or coastal Metheny meditations as part of Wilson Tanner. On a new record called 'Old Gold', he jumps off from that last project towards a new uncharted chapter, composing frontier folk songs that sound as if they've been made with guitars and strings, but are in fact entirely composed in a studio full of vintage synthesizers. At the top of the list of must-hear private issue American new age cassettes is 'The Space Between' by composer JOANNA BROUK, which gets a fresh white vinyl pressing from Numero this week. After crafting outsider jazz-folk classics like 'Trout Steel', MIKE COOPER retreated to warmer climes in his mind, releasing a string of releases throughout the 90s and 00s on small labels that pushed his tropical ambient further and further out from shore. One of his best is a 2007 cd-r called 'Spirit Songs' which now gets a first-time vinyl press. California synthesist JEFF CARNEY lacked the profile or the budget to compete with his Berlin-School influences in the 80s, but on tapes like 'Live Electronic Music', he literally sounds like Klaus Schulze but...better!

JEFF PARKER fans rejoice. After years of requests, we've finally got a fresh vinyl edition of the Tortoise guitarist's 2004 solo debut 'The Relatives', which announced him as a fluid arranger in ways that he had not held the spotlight for within the confines of his busy group. Fans of his 2020 classic 'Suite For Max Brown' can trace a path back to this one real quick. The entirely-out of time avant-rockabilly guitarist CHARLIE MEGIRA's 2001 album 'The Abtomatic Meisterzinger Mambo Chic' rustles your earhair like a luded-out Dick Dale with an armful of Suicide LPs. Pakistani enchantress NAHID AKHTAR delivers 1970's Lollywood funk on 'I Am Black Beauty', and we've got a lovely repress of the early 80s Brazilian rarity 'Bom Dia Universo' from SOLANGE BORGES, which melds classic MPB with soft-rock and folk styles from far beyond Rio.

Whether you'd like to go back to the Fillmore West, or if you never really left, now's your chance to make the magic again with a freshly remastered 3-LP box set of THE GRATEFUL DEAD's 'Fillmore West, San Francisco, Ca 3/1/1969'. Undisputed regent KING GIZZARD have an 'official US bootleg' edition of their 'Demos & Rarities' here on blue and violet wax. Kyuss-worshiping west coast psych sludge dons EARTHLESS are back with a rib-quaking riff undertaking on' Night Parade Of One Hundred Demons' in the house on gold wax, plus we've got a nifty repress of the 1970 debut album 'Opal' from krautrock pioneers EMBRYO.

Soul queen LADY WRAY returns with a hot new record of hip-hop inflected groove called 'Piece of Me', produced by Leon Michels. The Be With label restores 'Innercity Griots', an early West Coast rap classic from FREESTYLE FELLOWSHIP, a group started by rappers like Aceyalone and Myka 9 when they were still in high-school. Last up, a new vinyl edition from MARSHMELLO, and a fresh repress of WIZ KHALIFA's 'Kush & Orange Juice'. Drink em if you got em!

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