It’s cafeteria-style this week for the front rack. Nothing dominates, but that doesn’t mean it’s devoid of gems. Let’s list out what looks most delectable this week:


Spoon -  “A Series of Sneaks”

Jimi Hendrix – “Rainbow Bridge” (single and double-cd gray versions)

Todd Rundgren – “Something/Anything”

Nick Drake – “Five Leaves Left”

Bloomfield/Stills/Kooper – “Superblues”

Junior Kimbrough – “Most Things Haven’t Worked Out Yet”

Butterfield Blues Band – “East/West”

Minnie Riperton – “Her Chess Years”

Nina Simone – “In Concert/I Put a Spell on You”

Lambchop – “How I Quit Smoking”

Faces – “A Nod”

Jeff Beck – “There and Back” and “Wired”

Grover Washington, Jr – “Anthology”


These are the headliners, but that doesn’t mean there’s no diamonds lurking within the margins. Get here early and hit up the racks as well; we’re at full capacity and there’s tons of great stuff beyond the first steps past the door.