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This is not a something for everybody type of week. If you're not into jazz or box sets, head straight for the wall racks. If you Let's start with the jazz. The first thing noticeable is a full column of Blue Note bangers and it's not the same diet of "Blue Train," "Song for My Father" and the like. Think more along the line of Jackie McLean's late 60s dates, less-circulated Horace Silver albums and well-regarded players that weren't known by one name like Lee and Wayne, guys like Horace Parlan, Kenny Drew, and Kenny Dorham. We have two disc sets of Grant Green with Sonny Clark and the hip Donald Byrd-Pepper Adams outfit. Jazz catalog selections are paltry nowadays, so this is a great opportunity to scoop up albums that we struggle to find as new items. Outside of the blue and white, there's a bunch of Keith Jarrett, including the Complete 1994 Live at Blue Note 5-cd set. There's also a six-pack of Bill Evans, ranging from his run at Riverside to a pair of records cut for Verve and capping with live work captured shortly before his death. In addition, there's solo shots from players we simply don't see pass through our hands often, figures like Charles MacPherson, Monk associate Charlie Rouse, Stanley Cowell and Clifford Jordan. As for the box sets, there are way-cool Japanese HMV Beatles individual album editions, the 5-cd Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac anthology, the second volume of Nuggets and a pair of Hendrix boxes. One is the eponymous Experience purple velvet set and the second is "West Seattle Boy," capturing a trove of cuts done in Jimi's chitlin-circuit days as well as rarely-compiled cuts from his solo days, including the burning sessions including jazz godhead Larry Young. All these are right above the new inventory LPs, so ask if you don't see'em off-hand.

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