Monumental rap drop this week and it's all taster's choice. This is leaning hard on golden era nuggets from 88-96. Largely NYC in scope, expect to see work from heavy hitters like Eric B & Rakim, De La Soul, Gangstarr, Big Daddy Kane, Tribe and BDP. It's deep, so this goes beyond stray loosies and includes great stuff from Main Source, Akinyele and Schoolly D. Trust, the borders extend beyond the Boroughs, so yeah, there's a rack from Outkast, the Geto Boys, NWA, Death Row, you know the vibes. Dig deeper and you'll find slightly later underground jewels from Company Flow [including Vast Aire, Can Ox and El-P], Kool Keith, Rawkus affiliates and J Dilla. I could write out three more paragraphs, so best believe this is not one to miss.

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