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Shannon – “In Nashville”  Shannon is Shannon Shaw, lead singer of Shannon and the Clams, and this is her first solo release.  Shannon and the Clams just released their sixth album in February of this year.  Their music can best be described as a cross between sixties garage, surf, R&B and psych.  And Ms. Shaw’s solo album can be best described as a cross between early sixties girl group sound, early soul and early sixties pop.  Ms. Shaw enlisted Dan Auerbach, of Black Keys fame, to steer her musical vision to fruition.  The production is what makes this album so successful.  Mr. Auerbach figured that the Phil Spector over the top style is what was needed for this album to be realized.  Not only does Mr. Auerbach produce the album, but he also plays on it and co-wrote all of the songs on it.  Be assured though, he hasn’t just replicated the Black Keys sound.  The “In Nashville” title may confuse, but this album is definitely not a country record.  It is rather an album from an up and coming singer who has just released one of the most striking albums of the year. - Ted Talks

The Get Up Kids – “Kicker”  The Get Up Kids were one of the best emo bands out there twenty years ago.  And this EP is their first release since the band’s resurrection in 2011.  “Kicker” just does what the band has always excelled at: writing catchy songs that are expertly played.  “Kicker” is nothing more or less than that. - Ted Talks