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Paul McCartney - “Amoeba Gig”  Sir Paul did a show at the Amoeba store in Hollywood in June 2007, promoting his then current “Memory Almost Full” album.  And only a lucky 1000 people got to see the twenty-one song set. The concert features songs from all phases of his career, from the Beatles up to his 2007 solo album.  It seems obvious from the music and banter that Sir Paul was having a heck of a good time playing to such a small, intimate crowd. And he had a crackerjack backing band that had been with him for several years at that point.  Four songs from this show were only available as a limited edition ep a couple of years back. Now the entire show is here, along with one song from the soundcheck. Sir McCartney is also releasing three more live albums - “Wings Over America, “ “Choba B CCCP” and “Paul is Live” - at the same time.  But “Amoeba Gig” is perhaps the rarest of all of them. - Ted

Purple Mountains - “Purple Mountains” In 2009, David Berman broke up his long-running project, the Silver Jews, and bluntly said that he was done with music.  But some ten years later Mr. Berman returns with a new name and a new band. In the ten years between the two bands, Mr. Berman lost a parent and separated from his wife.  To make sense of all these harrowing changes, Mr. Berman dug deep into philosophy and literature. To say that the lyrics are weighty is an understatement. But, surprisingly, the music he wrote to accompany the words is perhaps the most accessible of his long career.  There is a lightness and ease of melody that he has never really possessed before. And there is a noticeable folk-rock and alt-country feeling to most of the material. I never thought that I would ever hear a new David Berman album for the rest of my life. And to hear one as good as “Purple Mountains” is yet another surprise. - Ted