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Protomartyr – “No Passion All Technique”   This album is a reissue of their ultra-rare debut album from 2012.  Only a minuscule number of vinyl and cassette copies were released back then and they quickly sold out.  At the time, the band had four hours of recording booked and figured that all they had time to record was a single.  Instead, they came out with a single and a debut album.  Recording that many songs in a short time meant that the band didn’t have the luxury to correct mistakes or add any finesse to their songs.  These are raw and loud songs, perhaps the rawest that they have ever recorded.  The band now feels mannered in comparison to this record.  The music on this is more garage and punk rock than where the band is now.  And with Protomartyr that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. - Ted

The Get Up Kids – “Problems”  The Get Up Kids were one of the best emo bands of the nineties.  They continued into the new century but broke up with a large amount of acrimony in 2005.  They reformed in 2008, and released a rather ordinary comeback album in 2011.  And now, “Problems” is their first release in eight long years.  You know, it is sort of hard to remember what emo was all about 20 years ago.  Maybe all emo was back then was just rock and roll. Because “Problems” is just a pretty good straight ahead rock and roll album.  Not punk rock, garage rock, country-rock or any other hyphen rock.    And the songs here are probably the best group of songs that the band has come up with since the nineties. “Problems” is a rather impressive album from a band that was a trailblazing outfit all those years ago. - Ted