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Son Volt – “The Search”  This reissue of their 2007 release was the album right after their classic “Okemah and the Melody of Riot”  It still retains some of the magic that made “Okemah” one of the high points of the band’s twenty-four year career.  On “The Search” Son Volt decided to mix things up sonically this time around.  They departed from their usual safe place and took chances that they wouldn’t have taken before.  It seems that they band hit a high point during the middle of the last decade they haven’t touched since then.  This reissue comes with a second disk of outtakes that certainly illustrates how hard it must have been to pick out the running order of the original album from all the music that was recorded during the sessions.

Sloan – “12”  Yes, this is the band’s twelfth album.  This little power pop band from Nova Scotia has been quietly chugging away for twenty-six years without much popular support.  They have had many highs and lows in those intervening years.  And “12” is one of those high points.  The band somehow got their mojo back and made another power pop classic.  “12” ranks up there with some of their classic albums from ten and twenty years ago.  I really hadn’t expected much from another Sloan album prior to listening to this one.  I am certainly glad that I listened.