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March 26. 2020


We’ve received a lot of requests for these random, though curated, boxes of records. The truth is, and it may sound corny but, our focus ithis business for 31+ years has always been about getting people exposed to music. These random boxes are definitely a unique example of it but, it’s an unusual time. 

Expect something from any genre you can think of and nothing has any real condition issues. Every record is a surprise! $50.00 for a big stack of LPs (+/- 65-80) and $25 for 45s (75). Available for doorstep drops or curbside pick ups while we can (if you are in the neighborhood and going to Trader Joe's or Neuharuser Pharmacy we can leave them outside our door for pickup. We can send them as gifts and we can drop them on door stops as gifts.

The best way to secure your box is to call the sho (608.259.1991) between 9AM-5PM Monday - Saturday.





Hey there, SD fans. Welcome to our second quarantine edition of the Words on Sounds email. A rundown of this week's new releases is below, available for outside pickup and via US post. If you'd like any of these titles, or anything else your heart desires, please call or email the store to reserve. 

IMPORTANT! Below the new stuff, you will see a list of upcoming releases for next week. If you would like any of these titles, please email to pre-order. We will be ordering to meet demand, and we don't want you to miss out. We really appreciate all your support as we try to keep the new music flowing to you!

First up, a new album from PEARL JAM. 'Gigaton' is the rock institution's first album in seven years, and they roar to the forefront with a productive rage fitting of the times we find ourselves in, comfortably slipping into their vintage grunge.

'Saint Cloud' is the latest album from treasured Southern voice WAXAHATCHEE, who crafts stately, fine-gilded folk rock dense with emotional pull; I'm crying, you're crying, we're all crying.

The long-awaited album 'Workaround' from UK rhythm ace BEATRICE DILLON sounds like renewal itself, serving as a "debut" of sorts even though we already have scads of great records from her; she's embellished her limber mobiles of percussion with previously unheard elements like kora and pedal steel on one of the year's best.

Raw Ethio souljazz is back with a crackling new album from HAILU MERGIA, the Ethiopian keyboardist and accordionist legend now living in Washington DC. 'Yene Mircha' is a fever of nocturnal intensity brimming with energy.

Heartlifting, clever indie-pop out of the rich tradition of the Hold Steady or Belle & Sebastian is here from Halifax, Nova Scotia's NAP EYES

SUFJAN STEVENS proves he's the only artist who could say "I made a new age album with my dad" and not raise a single eyebrow. We're here for it Sooph, and so is 'Aporia.'

The Numero Group, determined to leave no stone unturned in their search for genres buried in layers of stereotype, turn to lounge music on WHISPERS, a set of tunes culled from the archipelago of hotel lobby, casino and cocktail bar stages across the 1970s; lo and behold, many gems abound.

Back in print in new, improved, or just more affordable editions this week are 'Blood Bank' from BON IVER, the almighty self-titled album from the Hendrix-led BAND OF GYPSYS, and MILES DAVIS' earthshaking epic, 'Bitches Brew.'

The last time the esteemed curating duo of BAYU and MOOPIE put a comp together, it shed welcome light on 90s indie pop; this time around they delve into 90s electronica for 'Still In My Arms', an unbelievably potent collection of brain-bathing IDM beauty that you will never want to turn off.

'Scramblers' is the latest album from journeyman noise/techno artist CONTAINER, a record of blistering workouts you can't keep a lid on; jackhammer the box!

Nina Simone - Fodder on My Wings CD/LP
M. Ward - Migration Stories CD/LP
Thundercat - It Is What It Is CD/LP
Purity Ring - Womb CD/LP
Yves Tumor - Heaven To A Tortured Mind CD/LP
Tops - I Feel Alive CD/LP
Vladislav Delay - Rakka LP
Tornado Wallace - Midnight Mania LP
Marcos Valle - S/T (1983) LP
Robbie Basho - Songs of the Great Mystery CD/LP
Everything Is Recorded - Friday Forever CD/LP
Nightmares on Wax - Smokers Delight (25th Anniv) LP
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - Viscerals CD/LP
Spoon - Soft Effects / Telephono reissues LP
Sun Ra - Celestial Love CD/LP


Launched in 2007 with the humble idea to recognize independent record stores, Record Store Day (RSD) has blossomed into a global phenomenon. The list of RSD exclusive releases continues to expand, as more labels throw open their catalogs to an appreciative audience that grows each year.

Beyond the day-long frenzy, RSD exists to offer proof of the lively role record stores play in the community and a chance for folks on both sides of the counter to offer gratitude for each other. It's a capsule-sized snapshot of what this whole record world is about. Whether you’re a hardcore type who times their arrival for a spot at the front of the line or somebody who waits until the afternoon for a more leisurely experience, we hope you’ll join us on Saturday, June 20th.


It's true, on Record Store Day there's typically a line outside the shop all day, just as there is at hundreds of other local shops across the country (and the world). But walk through this line, and you'll find ardent music fans of every stripe: young, old, male, female, seasoned pro and beginners. The line has come to symbolize the size, passion and staying power of both the physical music audience and the locally-oriented music community. Amidst the RSD crowds, we've seen musicians discussing upcoming gigs and tours, knowledgeable jazz heads giving high schoolers tips on the essentials, people meeting up for the first time “in real life” or for the first time in a decade, parents buying their kids their first new LPs, or better yet, a huge stack of 99 centers.


Our list of Record Store Day exclusives can be found HERE! You will need to register for our list or you can also jump over to the RSD site which shows the list (just without our pricing). And while we will try to have ample stock (one of the deepest in the midwest) of all items, please know that some of these products are extremely limited and will sell out quickly.

If you create a wishlist, it will be updated within our system prior to June 20, 2020.

Yes, we are still buying! Call Ron to schedule (608.213.3610).

Ron, Ryan, Angie, Marty, Evan, Matt, Ben, Ed, Isaac, Larry, Mark, Jack, Eric & Dave

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