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* What hours is Strictly Discs open?

* Where are you located?

* Shipping Policy

* Is Pay In-Store an option?

* What are the benefits of an online membership/account?

* Do you offer any premiums for frequent customers?

* How does the Buy 12 Get 1 FREE Program work online?

* How do you handle pre-orders?

* How do I create a gift list?

* Do you offer gift certificates?

* How to be a Strictly Discs Guest DJ

* How do you handle back orders and special orders?

* What forms of payment do you accept?

* Why do we support Independent Distributors?

* Do you sell tickets for Madison concerts?

* Do you buy used CDs and vinyl?

* Can I listen to my CDs and records prior to purchase?

* Aaarrgh, my CD isn't working. What do I do now?

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What hours is Strictly Discs open?

Store Hours

M-F: 10am-8pm
Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun: 11am-5pm

We are open on some holidays, though we usually keep truncated hours. Please call ahead if you plan on visiting us during such a time.

See our contact page 

Where are you located? 

Strictly Discs is tucked between the UW-Madison and Edgewood campuses. We are roughly five blocks west of Camp Randall Stadium and we occupy the corner of Monroe and Harrison. Trader Joe's is immediately east of us. Street parking is available on adjacent streets. For more detailed directions go to Google.

See our contact page 

Shipping Policy

CD Orders:

Most orders received by 4pm CST will arrive for in-store pickup the next day including Saturdays. Orders to be shipped direct to customer will arrive at the time stated during check out, depending on your chosen shipping method. Most packages shipped to addresses within a 200 mile radius of Madison and shipped FIRST CLASS or PRIORITY MAIL arrive in 1-3 days from the time of order.

Vinyl Orders:

Most orders will arrive for in-store pickup or shipment within 10 days of order placement. You will be notified when your order has shipped or is ready for pickup.

Due to occasional conditions beyond our control (Mother Nature, Cubs winning the World Series & other big stuff), your item may not arrive when you may have expected it. This occurs rarely, however the Cubs line-up for 2008 looks pretty strong.

All packages are shipped with delivery confirmation service included. Delivery Confirmation service gives you the date, ZIP Code and time your article was delivered. If delivery was attempted you will get the date and time of attempted delivery.

If you have not received your package, regardless of shipping method, please contact us 14 days after your order date. We will assist you in getting to the bottom of the problem with our full attention.

Is Pay In-Store an option?

Normally, we request our in-store customers to either pay up-front or put down a deposit at the time that a special order is placed. This procedure has been relaxed for some customers who have ordered with us previously. Likewise, we will allow some customers to order items online without submitting a deposit. If you wish to do so, please email us at or call 608.259.1991 to get set-up pronto!

This has been appreciated by all and can at minimum, convenient. Try it, you'll like it.

What are the benefits of an online membership/account?

Having an online account brings further convenience to your online experience at Rather than entering fields of information repeatedly, everything will be stored securely to save you future hassle. You will also be alerted to future sales and other premiums unique to our online visitors. 

Do you offer any premiums for frequent customers?

We offer a Buy 12, Get 1 FREE Music Card. Once you buy twelve new or used CDs, you can, um, pick out one for free. This extends to all new CDs priced up to $14.99 and used CDs priced up to $8.99. The free CD cannot be used as credit towards an item priced above those points. It's not us being jerks, it's an accounting nightmare we try to avoid. Sorry.

If you're a Vinyl junkie, we have the same program for you. You should get something for your dusty fingers and hunched back.

How does the Buy 12 Get 1 FREE Program work online?

Visitors to our store are well-acquainted with our Buy 12 Get 1 FREE frequent buyer program. It is what you'd expect. After purchasing 12 new or used CDs and or LPs at non-sale prices, you can choose, respectively, a new CD/LP priced up to $14.99 or a used CD/LP priced up to $8.99 for FREE!

This is all well and good, but what about the online shopper? Once you set up an online account, will keep track of your web purchases and keep a running personal inventory that serves as a substitute for the physical card. We'll even transfer your online purchases to a physical card, or vice versa.

How do you handle pre-orders?

If you know you want a CD or LP prior to its release, we recommend you pre-order the item. New releases, which are available to the public on the Friday of each week, are usually shipped to retailers prior to Friday. If you pre-order an item, we will ship it to you to coincide with the Tuesday release date, provided the item is shipped to Strictly Discs prior to release date. Customers who indicate in-store pick-up of new releases will be able to pick up their item no earlier than Tuesday.

How do I create a gift list?

See something you want yet you want someone else to shell out the cash? can help. Become a member, and from the product pages on the website, select "add to gift list." You may then email your list or direct friends and family to our homepage where they can access your wish-list. We hope you get what you want. 

Do you offer gift certificates?

We realize that the record store can be a scary place for someone who doesn't know the difference between Radiohead and TV on the Radio. Strictly Discs gift certificates can eliminate the stress of trying to figure out what your discerning nephew, girlfriend or life partner wants. Available for whatever amount you choose and packaged in a jewel case, we can treat these like a regular special order. If you would like us to personalize an expression, consider it done. Strictly Discs gift certificates make a better impression than a few crumpled bills and a sheepish expression on your face.

How to be a Strictly Discs Guest DJ

Playlist: Using a CD-R, create an iTunes playlist in MP3 format that includes 10 songs, in the order you would like to have them played, or bring in your 10 songs on CD and we will do the rest. (CD-Rs are available at the store)

In addition to your playlist, we will create a profile of each guest DJ on the website. We will need the following, emailed to

1. Photos, as many as ten, but at a minimum one photo of you;
2. A list of at least 4 CDs that you are “hot on”
3. For your “blog” section, an explanation of why you picked your particular playlist selections and anything else you’d like to share.
4. And answers to the following questions for your “bio:”
1. How long & why have you been shopping at Strictly Discs?
2. Favorite release of the Year:
3. First piece of recorded music you purchased and in what format:
4. Music guilty pleasure:
5. Favorite all-time concert/show:
6. Favorite all-time album cover:
7. If I'm tippin’ one back, I'm probably at __________ having a _________.
8. Consumer item I cannot live without:
9. Percentage of time listening to music via the following medium: CD player:___% iPod:___% Turntable:___%
10. Favorite music website:

Playlists will only be considered once all of the above information is received. You will be notified via email, when your playlist is live. Thank you!

How do you handle back orders and special orders?

If an item is available but currently out of stock, it will be denoted as a backorder. Normally, backorders are filled within the space of one week, though some items may take longer. A rule of thumb to remember is that most major label domestic (as opposed to import) items, as well as more recently-released items, are more apt to reappear in stock more quickly than those which don't fulfill both of those criteria. Strictly Discs appreciates your patience in waiting out orders, but we encourage our customers to contact us at 608-259-1991 during store hours or to email us at for feedback. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

We take personal and traveler's checks, along with Visa and Mastercard. Oh, and cash money, honey. 

Why do we support Independent Distributors?

Our independent distributors help support fledgling and vital labels that exist outside the media conglomerate structure. The support Strictly Discs gives to independent distribution in a small way helps to further music that doesn't necessarily lend itself to a marketing plan. Online customers of Strictly Discs can choose to patronize these smaller distributors as well. While your order may take a day or two longer to arrive, the cost savings and commitment to the, quote - little guy - end quote, makes this an option to consider.

Do you sell tickets for Madison concerts?

Strictly Discs is a ticket location for shows at The Annex, Barrymore Theatre, High Noon Saloon and Majestic Theatre. This DOES NOT mean we carry tickets for all shows held at those venues. Newspaper and website listings are generally accurate and we recommend potential ticket buyers to come in if we appear as a ticket location. IMPORTANT: We only take cash and personal checks for tickets. You will get the gasface if you try to pay with plastic. 

Barrymore Theater 

Do you buy used CDs and vinyl?

Yes. We depend on you for our used inventory. As long as the disc surface doesn't look like it was lovingly cared for with 60 grit sandpaper, we're willing to take a look. As you might expect, we'll pay more for desirable titles, but condition reigns over the choicest of items. Strictly Discs compensates sellers handsomely and will add a premium of roughly 20-25% for payment in store credit rather than cash. As an all-purpose store, we are interested in collections of all genres including classical. Strictly Discs also buys used vinyl. Prospective vinyl sellers are encouraged to email us at or call us at 608-259-1991 for more details. 

Can I listen to my CDs and records prior to purchase?

Yes, although we only allow customers to listen to open items. This includes all used items, as well as everything that appears in our listening stations. The listening stations contain roughly 500 demo copies of recently released or re-issued cds and offer an ideal way to check out new music without getting burnt.

Aaarrgh, my CD isn't working. What do I do now?

First, make sure the CD was placed label side up in your player. If this doesn't solve the problem, check for trouble areas. Often, a fingerprint will cause a skip. To remove the fingerprint, wipe the surface with a soft cloth in straight lines extending from the hole to the edge, in a manner that resembles spokes on a bicycle. Do not wipe radially. If the problem still exists, try to describe the error accurately. Knowing both the nature and location of the playback problem allows us to do our own diagnostic work. We also suggest trying the disc on multiple players. If problems persist, bring it in. We handle problems reasonably and we'll work out a solution. 

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