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July 4, 2024

New This Week At The Shop

Greetings newsletterlings. With the holiday falling smack in the middle of the week, its a relatively light crop of releases this time around, but we still have some rather fine ones here! We start with a pair of fresh Blue Note Tone Poet editions. DONALD BYRD's earliest efforts landed on the Transition label, later acquired by Blue Note, and showcased a young trumpeter already at the top of his game. 'Byrd Blows On Beacon Hill', from 1957, is a gently swinging and sweetly sultry collection of older standards recorded in the private home of engineer Steve Fassett. The incredible recording quality and soundstage of this LP give you the experience of having Byrd (and bassist Doug Watkins) playing right in front of you. It's a world away from the explosive soul-jazz of Byrd's later output, which makes the subtle mastery here all the more enjoyable. If you're seeking a little more combustibility, steer your ship towards WAYNE SHORTER's 1971 deep cut 'Odyssey Of Iska', his final LP for Blue Note before joining Weather Report. Wayne doubles his backing band on this one, so he's got both Cecil McBee and Ron Carter on bass here. Pleasantly, the proceedings never give way to chaos on an album that has a sprawling, patient serenity to it, while sounding completely modern. Our brief journey through jazz history concludes with a nice reissue of MILES DAVIS' 1986 album 'Tutu', a late career triumph that found the master embracing (hate it or love it) the electro-funk influences of that strange decade. Rhino has thrown their hat in the audiophile ring lately with their Rhino High Fidelity series, and this pressing is earning top marks. The storied Italian film library/soundtrack label Cam does a real numero on us with a lush and sprawling double LP compilation called TROPICALE, collecting music from composers like Morricone, Piccioni, Umiliani, and the like, as they dabble in samba, calypso, and other interpretations of exotica. The result is an hour of music where the sun never seems to set.
DJ SHADOW cast a pretty long one (a shadow, that is) with his epic, genre-traversing mix album 'Endtroducing...', which gave the then-unsung art of crate-digging a significant boost in credibility. Take the trip with fresh ears with a 25th anniversary half speed remastered version done at Abbey Road. Americana maestro BELA FLECK's 'Rhapsody In Blue' finds him taking on Gershwin, replacing the piano with a banjo. Thirty years ago, Tejano singer SELENA smashed all the records for best-selling Latin artists with her fourth album, 'Amor Prohibido', just a year before her senseless death. This gem of synth-heavy cumbia is back in print this week on clear pink wax. Funk-flected lo-fi popper STILL WOOZY returns with his second album, 'Loveseat', on violet colored wax, and we've got some copies of his debut LP back in as well.
The GRATEFUL DEAD found enough usable material from a monthlong run of 1980 shows to release a pair of live albums; one of them, 'Dead Set', collected the highlights from the electric band parts of their set, while another, 'Reckoning', focused on the acoustic tracks. Both double albums are back in print this week for the first time in well over a decade. The British artist WARRINGTON-RUNCORN NEW TOWN DEVELOPMENT PLAN might not be making any friends with the metadata compilers out there, but he's certainly making some lovely music. With vintage synths and a strict aesthetic, W-RNTDP, crafts luminous, sometimes ominous soundscapes that evoke both utopia and dread, similar to the vibe of Boards of Canada's 'Tomorrows Harvest'. His latest LP, 'Your Community Hub', and a new EP called 'Shared Sense Of Purpose', are both in stock this week. Lastly, we've replenished our supply of one of last year's nicest ambient folk records, BLUE LAKE's 'Sun Arcs', which melds zither, organ, and drum machine together in a singular pastoral beauty.

Used Vinyl LP Alert

Here is your weekly update for July 4. We'll pickup where the Thursday night sneak peek video on our @StrictlyDiscs Instagram and Facebook left off. No frills. Just the artists. The rest is for your 500+ fresh-used digging pleasure downstairs. Some of the headliners this week:

Rock/Pop: Steve Winwood, Guns Ní Roses, ZZ Top, Violent Femmes, Elton John, Beatles, Rolling Stones, George Harrison, U2, Bruce Springsteen , Survivor, Roy Orbison, Charlie Sexton, The Clash, Joe Cocker, The Who, Grand Funk Railroad, The Ventures, Beach Boys, David Bowie, Eagles, Gin Lady

Jazz: Wes Montgomery. Duke Ellington, Lorenz Alexandria, Ernestine Anderson

Folk/Country: Loudon Wainwright, Luther Allison, Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash

Contemporary/Hip-Hop: Michael Jackson, Black Crowes, R.E.M., Kate Bush, Lake Street Dive, U2, Notorious B.I.G.

Soul/Funk/Blues: Luther Allison and the Blue Nebulae, Aretha Franklin, Sly & The Family Stone, Donna Summer, Memphis Horns, El Coco, Isley Brothers, Roberta Flack, Stargard, Wilson Pickett. Al Green.

Happy Digging!

Shop our Warehouse HiFi on Reverb

We've been putting in work at our Cambridge warehouse, including inventorying and photographing our HiFi for sale to list on Reverb. We've only got so much space downstairs to sell our gear so we'll be listing the rest at You'll note a focus on turntables, receivers and amps from brands like Marantz, Thorens and Kenwood. Give it a gander as we'll continue to post a little over 100 listings through the end of this week.

And reminder that our HiFi tech Eric Hartz will be downstairs in the shop on Tuesdays from 11 - 3 in June evaluating HiFi buys. If you've got gear you think could use a new home, give us a shout.


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