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June 8, 2023

New This Week At The Shop

Massive rundown this week, so lets try to cover 'em all quickly! JASON ISBELL and his trusty 400 UNIT are back with 'Weathervanes', which they describe as "life and death songs played for and by grown ass people". Dunno about you but we're sold. Limited "natural brown" vinyl on this one, and green vinyl on a new release from songwriter and rock'n'roll hero JENNY LEWIS who is back with 'Joy'All'. NOAH KAHAN sure has stirred up a story with Stick Season; not sure we've had more pre-orders for a young artist than 'Stick Season', which finally lands today. Color vinyl on this is all claimed but we do have a couple nifty tote bags to give away. What's KING KRULE up to on his latest record, 'Space Heavy'. Nothing, just hanging around. Few songwriters have the power to turn the mundane into something alluringly ethereal like the King, and he's at the top of his bristling game here.
We greatly enjoyed our advance listening party for the new JANELLE MONAE this week, as a nice crowd of you joined us to listen to 'The Age Of Pleasure' not once but twice! Must say we blushed a few times; her latest is a marvel of bubbly and blunt pop infused with reggae and house energy. We have the limited alternative cover version on orange wax while it lasts. Rap kingpin FREDDIE GIBBS hits us with the vinyl edition of his latest, '$oul $old $eparately' on yellow, plus we've got a new one from CURREN$Y called 'The Drive In Theatre Part 2', and a reissue of what is arguably LIL WAYNE's pinnacle, 'Tha Carter III'.
Fresh off her collaboration with Katie Crutchfield as Plains, JESS WILLIAMSON returns with another slab of enchanted country glamor on 'Time Ain't Accidental', and it looks like she is still out in that open field. Texas crooner ROBERT ELLIS checks in with 'Yesterday's News', and we get a five year anniversary of LUCY DACUS' album 'Historian' on red vinyl with new artwork, said to be the original version of the cover. Versioning is in the air everywhere, as DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE grace us with a limited edition, entirely acoustic take of their latest, 'Asphalt Meadows'.
Musician and dj AVALON EMERSON puts her successful club career off to the side on a remarkably great new pop album, "Avalon Emerson & The Charm", which features gauzy guitars, charming vocals and just enough synth-crush to sidle up to 90s 4AD. This LP isn't widely available in the US so scoop it quick. Grammy-nominated renaissance woman JAYDA G returns with 'Guy', a masterclass in poppy house dedicated to her father. The massive and mysterious Brighton post-punk band SQUID are back with second album 'O Monolith' blue vinyl TEKE::TEKE Hagata blue
A truly blessed abundance of free-jazz reissues land this week, giving all us mortals a chance to own a legit copy of something that just never, ever turns up in the wild. ALBERT AYLER's 'In Greenwich Village' was his debut for Impulse Records and one of the first warning shots of the free jazz movement; critics either loved it or hated it and had plenty of reasons why. Philly flautist/saxophonist BYARD LANCASTER's 1968 album 'It's Not Up To Us' wasn't as widely-received in its time but has grown in status over time; influenced by Sun Ra, the album is a bold and eclectic combination of classical and folk music with an emerging new freeform jazz. It was one of the first LPs to feature guitarist SONNY SHARROCK, who would soon join Herbie Mann's band and record the monumental 1970 album 'Black Woman', also reissued this week. Sharrock's ferocious approach to the guitar pre-dated punk by a full decade and this hard-to-find gem is the best example of his early work. (You can also get some more Sonny on the cheap on the Herbie Mann LP 'Memphis Underground' - ed.) The Black Editions label continues to make headway into the archive of recently departed teaching and performing icon MILFORD GRAVES with 'Children of the Forest', a collection of mid70s trio works with ARTHUR DOYLE & HUGH GLOVER.
There was a time in American history, not too long ago really, when BLOSSOM DEARIE had one of the most recognizable voices in all of music. By now, she may mostly be remembered for the frequently sampled "Schoolhouse Rock" songlets she cut in the 1970s. A Verve by Request edition of her 1957 debut album is here, alongside another icon in EARTHA KITT's 'Bad But Beautiful'. Two records so perfectly cool that they transcend time to sound brand new again. Fire up the Vespa to scoop the vinyl soundtrack to THE WHITE LOTUS, from devilish producer Juan Cristobal Tapia De Veer, then nip in for a stunning collection of unheard work from contemporary cellist CHARLES CURTIS.
Channeling the Fourth World-style of Jon Hassell is something much easier said than done, and I don't think I've ever heard someone do it in the modern era as well as MEMOTONE does on 'How Was Your Life?' The Bristol producer geolocates snaking melodies and chugging chords amidst a foggy patchwork; songs have immense momentum while appearing to stand perfectly still. His music has much in common with Montreal's RAMZI, another traveler in the Hassell-sphere whose latest, 'Hyphea', comes on the Music From Memory label. LA ambient-pop outpost Leaving Records blesses us with two fantastic ones: MORE EAZE goes Cocteaus mode on 'Strawberry Season' while NICO GEORIS, the guy best known for hooking plants up to a midi sequencer, is back with 'Cloud Suites'.
Denver gloomgaze sojourner MIDWIFE collabs with New Mexico's VYVA MELINKOLYA on a beautifully crushing album called 'Orbweaving' that pairs well with the melodic guitar crunch of FEEBLE LITTLE HORSE's 'girl with fish'. YOUTH LAGOON reboots after an eight year hiatus and based on the sound of 'Heaven is a Junkyard' he has been through some shit! German pop group MILKY CHANCE continue to innovate in the MGMT space with'Living In A Haze'.
A pair of memorably funky and classically ahead of their time Afrobeat records get repressed this week: Nigeria's EBO TAYLOR and The Pelikans, and Zambian group THE BROADWAY QUINTET's 'Amalume', both vital additions to any shelf. Israeli vocalist and Radiohead tourmate DUDU TASSA collaborates with JONNY GREENWOOD on an album of Arabic folk/pop fusion called 'Jarak Qaribak', and we've got a quality reissue of the Brazilian samba meets big band classic debut album from HERMETO PASCOAL.
Mercurial Baltimore composer LIZ DURETTE makes keyboard music unlike anyone else on 'Primordial Soup'. An essential reissue of the early 2000s classic 'Grapes From The Estate' restores the album that put experimentalist OREN AMBARCHI on a much wider radar scope; if you dig Jim O'Rourke's playful minimalism from this era, 'Grapes...' is definitely a peer. Frenchman NICO MOTTE delivers Balearic dub with just enough synthy suspense on 'The Missing Person', and the Italians LAPA DULA bring flawless Neapolitan boogie funk on 'Agua'.
A massive compendium called 'Revision - An Anthology' collects the output of BUILD AN ARK, the freeform LA ensemble led by Carlos Nino. Some killer comps go deep on niche zones we don't often see in real life. The Time Capsule label collects 'Anime & Manga Synth Pop Soundtracks' from the late 1980s, and a crew of NTS selectors have done us a big solid with 'Ascend', a deeply-culled collection of 90s dark ambient and dungeon synth. 12th Isle label head MATERIAL THINGS collects five years of delirious ambient detritus on a very excellent collection.
Under the alias "Solitaire", veteran producer MOVE D made some of the 90s most evocative dubbed-out techno, and its never been available on LP until now. SHIFTED PHASES, yet another alter ego of the late, great Marcel Stinson of Drexciya fame, delivered just one record, 2002's 'The Cosmic Memoirs Of The Late Great Rupert J. Rosinthrope', and its back in print in an expanded 3LP edition with new cover art. The legendary glitch producer μ-ZIQ lands on the Balmat label with '1977', an exceptional trip into filleted sound, and Lithuanian electro producer PATRICIA KOKETT kills its dead with 'Psykhe'. Ahhh, there's ants on your phone!
We find it kind of funny, we find it kind of sad that its so hard to lay hands on a nice copy of the TEARS FOR FEARS classic 'The Hurting', which gets an essential half-speed remaster this week. Legendary SoCal emo band NUZZLE release unheard mid-90s material on 'No Love Like That'. Post-hardcore geniuses LA DISPUTE reissue their debut 'Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair' for its 15 year anniversary, and we've got a buzzing new record from post-punk innovators CIA DEBUTANTE called 'Down, Willow'.
BELL WITCH bring the doom on 'Future's Shadow', while CHAT PILE try something different with a soundtrack to the film 'Tenkiller'. Grind veteran BASTARD NOISE returns with 'Mantra Of Desperation', and we've got a pair of color vinyl reissues from Boston post-metallers ZOZOBRA: 'Bird of Prey' and 'Harmonic Tremors'.

Used Vinyl LP Alert

Used Vinyl alert time! Our selection of over 600 fresh used LPs covers lots of ground: classical guitar, reggae, emo, torch songs, bluegrass, hip-hop, disco and more. Must-haves from classic names like Pink Floyd, Rush, Bob Dylan, the Band, Jerry Garcia, Traffic, the Beatles, Leonard Cohen, Tom Petty, Van Morrison, Deep Purple, the Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac, the Kinks, and more. Classic hard rock and metal is in from Krokus, Blue Oyster Cult, AC/DC, Scorpions, Michael Schenker, Rainbow, Kiss, Lita Ford, Vinnie Vincent, Ozzy, and more.

Classic alternative gems are in from Talking Heads, Yaz, Yello, the Dickies, the B-52's, INXS, and Duran Duran, plus more contemporary things from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Brand New, Bring Me The Horizon, Chvrches, Future Islands, Ariana Grande, Tegan & Sara, Panic at the Disco, Pvris, SZA, Taking Back Sunday, the Story So Far, and American Football.

We aim to lay out quality jazz titles every week and this week is no slouch! Big names in the selection include Wes Montgomery, Ron Carter, Bill Evans, Tommy Flanagan, Art Blakey, Geri Allen, Nina Simone, Eric Dolphy, Billie Holiday, McCoy Tyner, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Coleman Hawkins, Sonny Rollins, Thelonious Monk and Charles Mingus. Blues is in from Albert King, Bobby Bland, and Taj Mahal, plus folk classics from Bruce Cockburn, Jean Ritchie, Tony Rice, Rodney Crowell, plus a slew of Ernest Tubb and similar early country heat!


Look man, there's nothing more American than throwing on a cassette copy of Joe Walsh's Greatest Hits while navigating a Chevette just slightly blazed. It's a lifestyle. And while we got a big mess of cassettes going out, the highlights fall outside the realm of the classic rock playlist. So yeah, we're juiced to see Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust," but we're flabbergasted to see "Earthling." Also good to have in "Pretzel Logic" from the Dan; trippin' on seeing "Two Against Nature" on spools.How bout Hendrix family tape reissues? Post-debut Stone Temple Pilots? Dave Matthews?

SPICE GIRLS!?! "St. Anger?" Somehow a bigger deal than "Kill'em All." It's wild. And that doesn't even get into unimpeachable 90s touchstgnes like "OK Computer" and "Mellon Colile" and Sade's "Love Deluxe." There's no way "Jagged Little Pill" lasts the weekend, so do what you have to.


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