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March 30, 2023

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Like transcendent singer-songwriter supergroups before them - your Roches, your Highwaymen and your Wilburys, for instance - the triad in BOYGENIUS don't much care what you call their music, it's more important that you are listening now. As writers and performers, Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus are skilled with tone and emotion in a way that resonates in that "now" spot, the kind of place where you call your first full-length studio album 'record' and keep it moving. A special one, for sure, and we've got limited copies left of the clear vinyl, as well as standard black. No strangers to the super-lative†themselves, veterans THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS return after some quietude with the raucous 'Continue as a Guest', which is always my preferred method of checkout. Blue/green swirl vinyl on this one. Amsterdam Turkish psych revivalists ALTIN GUN polish up their gleaming tributes and updates to one of the most melodically daring pop music ever made on their fifth and finest album, 'Ask'. Without checking, we're calling DEERHOOF the longest continually-running truly indie band going. These art-rock mcguyvers†return this week with 'Miracle-Level'.
For some of you, all we've gotta do is say "its a WILLIAM TYLER live album", and you're on board, but we've got a whole different thing going on here with 'Secret Stratosphere'. He appears here with THE IMPOSSIBLE TRUTH band, who we didn't even know existed! Jack Lawrence from Dead Weather, Brian Kotzur from Silver Jews, and pedal steel whiz Luke Schneider pile in on this one, recorded live in Huntsville, AL back in May '21. This is an instant classic live record; from its opening notes you sense the band breathing a roaring fire of life into Tyler's modern free-country style. Some unexpected covers and a classic piece of Robert Beatty art only seal the deal here! Last year's EP from STEVE GUNN teased the possibilities of a longer collaboration with Bing & Ruth pianist DAVID MOORE, and we've got that now with 'Let The Moon Be A Planet', a wonderful set of glassine improvisations that have a hefty weightlessness. Scottish folkie legend ALASDAIR ROBERTS returns with a lovely LP of tender trad called 'Grief In The Kitchen and Mirth In The Hall', while Dubliner JONNY DILLON turns his hand to Irish traditional and American primitive guitar on 'A New Directive From The Bureau of Compulsory Entertainment'.
The first time you listen to ALICE COLTRANE's 'Journey In Satchidananda' can be a deeply transformative experience. The moment Cecil McBee's†long-legged bassline, Pharoah†Sanders' melismatic horn, Tulsi's tambura, and Coltrane's glittering fishscale harp become a singular sonic entity is one of the most powerful occurrences anywhere on record. Good luck finding a clean listener copy tho! That is rectified this week with a towering edition of this masterpiece from Verve/Acoustic Sounds. Trumpeter and arranger ROB MAZUREK has traveled many of the paths Alice described in the Chicago Underground Duo/Trio and with his long-running band THE EXPLODING STAR ORCHESTRA. On their latest, 'Lightning Dreamers', the unit includes luminaries like Nicole Mitchell, Jeff Parker, Craig Taborn, and Damon Locks, and is fittingly dedicated to the memory of Jaimie Branch. The French reissue Libreville has turned out an eclectic mix of releases unified by consistently high-standard audio quality; their latest offering is a reprint of a very rare private press LP 'Carvings' from THE WILLIAM PENN JAZZ ENSEMBLE circa 1982, and it's an exquisite session of interpretations of Jobim and Coltrane, led by tenor Tim Warfield. Norwegian tubist DANIEL HERSKEDAL brings us gorgeous ambient jazz featuring vocals from†Emilie Nicolas on 'Out Of The Fog'.
Snarlingly direct and relentlessly witty, rapper DENZEL CURRY is a nice juxtaposition to some of the more mumbly things that pass for pop-rap these days; pair him up with the deadly producer KENNY BEATS and you're good to go on 'Unlocked', in stock on purple haze color wax. Before he put the mask on, MF DOOM rocked Packers gear in a group with his brother called KMD. Their seminal album 'Black Bastards' is back in print this week on red wax, plus we have a plethora of colorful editions of new releases from the cant-miss producer APOLLO BROWN and the volatile duo MARLOWE.
A 1986 set from JERRY GARCIA & JOHN KAHN is commemorated on the latest 'GarciaLive', in the house on limited red vinyl, plus we've got one more from the JerBear, his third solo album 'Reflections' gets a limited reissue on pink. Numero rescues 70s country heroine JOYCE STREET from obscurity this week; the songs that make up 'Tied Down' reflect the woes and wonderings of the suburban housewife with startling clarity. Moody rockers MIDLAKE celebrate a decade since their fantastic album 'Antiphon' with a limited splatter edition.
If your record crate's in need of dancers, we've got you well covered this week! Smugglers Way brings us a fresh edition of the powerhouse 2005 compilation 'The Upper Cuts' from the Daft Punk-adjacent producers ALAN BRAXE & FRED FALKE, crammed full of sultry, stylish, low-end friendly electropop bangers. Fabric taps in Auckland dreamy techhouse duo CHAOS IN THE CBD for their latest 'Presents' collection, plus we've got a pair of hard-to-find double album reissues from the legendary MOODYMANN. The king of longform Prince and Funkadelic-influenced deep house truly goes off on his turn of the century Peacefrog albums 'Mahogany Brown' and 'Silence In The Secret Garden'.
Alongside better known late 80s bands like Rites of Spring and Embrace, Annapolis punks MOSS ICON contributed exponentially to the strain of emotional hardcore that continues to mutate today. Their lone LP, 'Lybernum Wits End Liberation Fly', is a singularly strong session of fiery, explosive poetry, and would be far more influential if it hadn't languished out of print for decades. It's got a fresh chance this week with a fully restored/remastered edition with its intended artwork intact. Another massively influential record turns fifty this year: IGGY & THE STOOGES's 'Raw Power' gets a fresh gold vinyl pressing. Plus we've got limited vinyl reissues from TOMAHAWK and MESHUGGAH.
NYC/Brussels art-rock combo FIEVEL IS GLAUQUE have made themselves known around the US after opening for Stereolab on a full tour. I can just see it now: thousands of Stereolab fans going "Fievel is what now?" before being won over immediately by this group's dazzlingly nimble prog-pop. Their new LP 'Flaming Swords' covers a lot of ground quickly: horn-led jangle fusion that reflects and respects Soft Machine, Art Bears, King Crimson and Gentle Giant, cool cosmopolitanism that makes their tourmates picking them a total no-brainer, plus a carefree spirit that indicates these players might not even know about any of those bands anyway! If you dig the gentle virtuosity of Domi & JD Beck, give this one a run. Since her haunting vocals began showing up on various Dean Blunt tracks, the world has clamored for more music from mysterious folksinger JOANNE ROBERTSON. Her latest collection of tunes, 'Blue Car', is like a criss-cross of complex sketches, abstract but not ephemeral. Irish synth-pop slash performance artists OPERATING THEATRE were like a slightly-less risque Throbbing Gristle, and they made some seriously memorable, strange tunes across the 80s that are collected on a new lovely set from Dublin label All City. Russian duo PIPER SPRAY & LENA TSIBIZOVA turn in stunning, boldly fractured pop ambient on 'Leaving Memory'.
KING GIZZARD und el LIZARD WIZARD return with 'Laminated Denim', a limited new record on "lemon sun" wax, plus we've got a trio of long out-of-print gems from the melodic indie band SURF CURSE.
'Tuscany', a long out of print treasure from JOHN CARROLL KIRBY, is back in print this week, featuring two lengthy pieces of JCK on piano, his true home away from home. Toronto atmosphere-crafter MASAHIRO TAKAHASHI returns with the delightful 'Humid Sun', and we've got a new pair of pieces from modern composer KATIE GATELY and a new EP of lengthy acid bangers from Chicago bulls BEAU WANZER and HIEROGLYPHIC BEING.
The second act of EDDIE CHACON's amazing career continues with 'Sundown', a new record produced by (again!) John Carroll Kirby. Chacon first hit in the 90s as half of Charles & Eddie with "Would I Lie To You?" and he's revamped his beachfront soul sound just a little now for Stones Throw, while keeping the timeless stuff intact. Multi-instrumentalist GEORGE SMALLWOOD was a fixture in clubs, backyards, schools and churches around Hyattsville, MD, for decades; barely known outside of the region, but beloved enough to have his obituary run in the Washington Post. A quick listen through 'Loser' will tell you why. This collection of unreleased Smallwood material spanning his career may lean towards the raw side, fidelity-wise, but it presents an incredibly vivid snapshot of house party boogie, cookout funk, and bluesy sermons as they existed once upon a time in the real world. Last up this week, restocks of a pair of phenomenal records from the Neapolitan disco-funk experts NU GENEA, long in demand!

Used Vinyl LP Alert

This week's Used Vinyl drop features great titles across all genres. In Rock we have lots of great titles that we see with regularity from Prince, Queen, The Beatles, Heart, Dire Straits, Billy Joel, ELO, Jimi Hendrix, and Elton John. Alongside those are loads of uncommon titles from Ministry, The Zombies, Iron Maiden, Fishbone, Kiss, David Bowie, ZZ Top, Style Council, Iggy and The Stooges, Marianne Faithfull, Let's Active, Style Council, and Bad Company. As well as a small handful of great titles from more recent acts like LCD Soundsystem, Sturgill Simpson, Slint, M83, and Elliott Smith.

We've got a fantastic selection of Jazz titles from Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, Larry Coryell, Eric Dolphy, Stan Getz, Shirley Scott, Buddy Rich, Jimmy Smith, and Keith Jarrett. Plus a nice selection of artists we see less often like Tal Farlow, Vince Guaradli Art Blakey, Ryo Kawaski, Richard Davis, Anthony Braxton, and Jackie McLean.

There's a great clutch of Country LPs from Clint Black, Randy Travis, Johnny Cash, Tom T. Hall, Conway Twitty, Ray Price, Hank Williams Sr., Roy Clark. There are some truly must-see Folk titles from Tony Rice, John Hartford, Tom Paxton, Peggy Seeger, and Flatt & Scruggs.

Rounding things out for the week we've got lots of great Soundtracks, Soul, Reggae, Classical, International, Punk, and Hip-Hop.


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