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  • Now Hear This! - October 2022

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  • What's New 9-30-22


    The music on The Bible is more unpredictable than it’s ever been on a Lambchop record. Jazz careening into country, into disco, into funk, and back to country. All tied together with Wagner’s own voice, born from a perspective on his own life inspired by taking care of his father at the end of his life. *Indie Exclusive Peak yellow & Black Marbled 2LP*


    Drawing on maximalist rock epics from Who's Next to Hysteria, Titus Andronicus have crafted their richest, densest, and hardest-hitting album to date, matching the sprawl and scope of their most celebrated work while also streamlining their ambitious attack to greater effect than ever before. *Indie Exclusive Silver & Black LP*


    This unique collection is separated into 3 parts, each with a different sonic perspective. “Hallelujah” is a pared-back version of the music featuring Tyler and his band, “Jubilee” is full band including strings, horns, bgvs and a touch of sitar, and an exciting new sound in “Joyful Noise.” It’s a genuine concept album showcasing truly incredible musicianship.

    Icon For Hire

    Follow-up to their 2011 debut album Scripted. The female fronted band is comprised of Ariel (vocals), Shawn Jump (guitar) and Adam Kronshagen (drums). Since 2007, the band has been establishing their strong following by touring extensively. Often compared to Paramore, this 2013 release should silence this comparisons once and for all.

    Metric Music International

    Metric’s newest collection of electro-indie drags you from the abyss that is our current day-to-day, acknowledging the fragile fate of life whilst encouraging you to appreciate the here and now. It’s dark and claustrophobic, but dreamy and imaginative with grand, cinematic synth arrangements. *Indie Exclusive Sky Blue LP*

    Fat Possum

    This impenetrable, cinematic wall of sound is the band’s best offering to date. It’s an experimental pocket of creativity long enough to provide 20-tracks of unfiltered punk chaos. Remove all distractions and allow the controlled chaos of Free LSD fill your headphones with bright melodies and harsh realities. *Indie Exclusive Deep Purple LP*


    Includes 84 unreleased tracks of alternates, demos & instrumentals, 9/18/01 WXRT Sound Opinions performance/interview and complete 7/23/02 concert at The Pageant, St. Louis. Plus new liner notes and extensive conversation among Jeff Tweedy, Glenn Kotche & Jim O’Rourke and hardbound book with loads of previously unseen photos.

    Herb Alpert Presents

    This new set of 11 songs contains gentle ballads, upbeat romps and covers of classics like Louis Armstrong's "On The Sunny Side Of The Street". Few artists in the history of American music have been able to stay relevant decade after decade like the 87-year-old Alpert. So, put on your shades and take a walk on the Sunny Side Of The Street.


    Doggerel is a mature yet visceral record of gruesome folk, ballroom pop and brutal rock, haunted by the ghosts of affairs and indulgences, driven wild by cosmic forces and envisioning digital afterlives where no God has provided one. And all the while, right there on the news, another distant storm approaches. *Indie Exclusive Yellow LP*

    Better Noise Music

    These Detroit rock upstarts got their start five years ago and instantly began cutting their teeth in the underground rock scene, building an enthusiastic fan base the old-fashioned way. Their debut is loaded with massive arena rockers like "Coming for Blood" (feat. From Ashes To New) and "Blow (feat. Ice Nine Kills).

    New West

    Produced by Joshua Homme (Queens of the Stone Age), Denim & Diamonds has the Highway Queen embracing a more rock-oriented sound while still maintaining the heartfelt outlaw country sound – and ‘fuck-off’ flare – she’s developed across her previous three releases. *Indie Exclusive Opaque Yellow LP*

    Smithsonian Folkways

    Jake Blount and his collaborators embody a group of Black climate refugees as they perform a religious service, invoking spirituals that are age-old even now, familiar in their content but extraordinary in their presentation. These songs bind this future community together and their shared past; beauty and power, devastation and heartbreak.


    The carefully crafted record, which is sonically their best when it comes to poetic lyricism and intricate production, realistically captures their ten years of experience and proves that stepping out of your comfort zone and taking risks can pay off. 5 Seconds of Summer have truly done themselves proud with this one. *Indie Exclusive Bone LP*


    As per usual, Alex wrote and demoed these songs at home; but, for the sake of both new tones and “a routine that was outside of my apartment,” he asked some half-dozen engineers to help him produce the “best” recording quality, whatever that meant. The result is an album more dynamic than ever in its sonic palette. *Indie Exclusive Clear LP*

    Partisan Records

    The eight album from the English songwriter is the best work of her career. Soothing, immersive, and self-produced, it conjures a dreamlike atmosphere with songs that spiral out into the ether. It’s as moving and real as Orton has ever been, embracing her electro-folk past while embracing a weathered, gorgeous future. *Clear LP*

    Century Media

    With tons of energy and fun on board, the band from Castrop-Rauxel delivers an unprecedentedly fulminant metalcore-firework that is second to none. On 11 incredibly strong tracks including the already released hit singles "We Got The Moves" and "Pump It" Electric Callboy show on their undoubtedly best album so far what they are made of.


    Enveloping Absurdity is an incredibly solid and impressive debut record, one that ruminates on philosophical absurdism, existentialism and human consciousness against a backdrop of suffocatingly minacious death metal. It’s lean musicianship brilliantly capturing the best of old school death metal without straying too far into the realms of imitation.

    Clouds Hill

    The Mars Volta pulses with subtle brilliance, Caribbean rhythms underpinning sophisticated, turbulent songcraft. Their sound and fury channeled to greatest effect. Distilling all the passion, poetry and power at their fingertips, The Mars Volta is the most accessible music the group have ever recorded.

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  • Marcus King - Young Blood LP (Autographed!)

    We have limited autographed copies of Marcus King's newest records. Order online or in-store, while supplies last!

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    A band like the YEAH YEAH YEAHS are a bridge to another time. They were a motley, stylish team of denizens of a mythical city at the turn of a century, before a traumatic event that put its ugly stamp on everything, gigging constantly in an effort to rewire rock n roll in a period where it wasn't cool anymore, not even in New York. Like Blondie and Television did before them, they described a city and a scene as they saw it, in a way that, looking back, makes it look boisterously alive. Refreshingly, they are still that band, even if their prolonged periods of hiatus seemed to indicate they'd lost interest and moved on. Their new album 'Cool It Down' rips the bandages off right away, unloading eight tight tracks of their trademark poignant pop, mechanically flawless and effortlessly cool, riffing on influences as disparate as ESG and Frankie Valli. Yellow vinyl on this one, plus a limited supply of cool patches that are free with purchase. Nobody goes their own way quite like Kurt Wagner and LAMBCHOP, who are back with another fascinating album of funky genre melange called 'The Bible'. Farsighted folk-rock geniuses WILCO revisit the album that truly launched their career with a graciously-expanded edition of 'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot', the 2002 gem that revealed a band as deeply invested in reworking the grandeur of traditional American folk as vocalist Jeff Tweedy was bent on weaving his troubled autobiography with that of his troubled country. This one somehow gets better with every listen, and a newly remastered vinyl edition keeps that trend advancing. Expanded deluxe editions include a deep trove of alternate mixes (a version of 'Kamera' that sounds like a Marc Bolan demo? nice) and exceptional live material. Every day is Bosses Day when you're TITUS ANDRONICUS. The New Jersey roots rock stalwarts conjure a modern day Greetings from Asbury Park on 'The Will to Live'.
    Bluegrass belter TYLER CHILDERS returns with a downright epic triple album called 'Can I Take My Hounds to Heaven?', where he and his longtime band "The Food Stamps" band are presumably letting extra loose. Noise-pop icons THE PIXIES maintain their punched-up melodic wail on a new disc called 'Doggerel'. A new record and a reissue of their '04 debut bring some necessary fresh ears to the little-appreciated DC band THE CASUAL DOTS: the trio of Christina Billotte (Slant 6), Kathi Wilcox (Bikini Kill), and Steve Dore (Deep Lust) make perfect garage pop with a minimalist snarl and unexpected nods to Ronnie Spector and Roy Orbison.
    The intense, introspective Florida rapper DENZEL CURRY returns with an unhurried and tripped out gem with 'Melt My Eyez See Your Future'. Atlanta producer SOL MESSIAH has some serious years in the game, with credits ranging from TLC and Boyz II Men to David Banner, Chamillionaire and, most recently, female rapper Sa-Roc. His first proper full length for Rhymesayers flexes his address book well, with verses from Sa-Roc, Slug, Evidence, Zion I, Aesop Rock, Murs and more. 'GOD CMPLX' is on red, blue & black marbled vinyl. Veteran rapper LOGIC delivers 'Vinyl Days', his last album from Def Jam, and we've got an electrifying collection of mental club bangers from a trio of Durban, South Africa's up and coming gqom producers. 'The Gqom Trilogy' is a deep scene report on a kaleidoscopic sound influenced by trap, grime, and kuduro in equal measure, that's captured a lot of ears including those of Beyonce.
    Soul rocker BEN HARPER returns with another critically acclaimed LP called 'Bloodline Maintenance'. BUDDY GUY's 1980 masterpiece 'Stone Crazy!' set a very high new bar for uptempo electric blues, heavily featuring Guy's relentless playing and a riveting live-in-the-studio feel. Trancy synth rockers MOON DUO deliver their trippy installment in the 'Live at Levitation' series, and we've got a super cool new compilation called 'Atencao!: Novos Sons Do Brasil' which introduces a new generation of Brazilian folk walking in the footsteps of Joao Gilberto and Milton Nascimento.
    Richmond, VA band CITY OF CATERPILLAR burned incredibly hot and fast in the early 00s, delivering one stellar album of cinematic, chaotic post-hardcore before breaking up. Two decades later they return with an album called 'Mystic Sisters' that sounds as if no time has passed at all. Angular dynamics abound on this jabbing ripper, for fans of Fugazi and Converge. West Virginia hardcore band LINCOLN made just a scant few singles before moving on to other projects, but their approach to complex, heavy rhythms and solemn sincerity was very influential across the 90s emo underground; 'Repair & Reward' collects all of their output for the first time. Anthemic UK punkers HIGH VIS return with a widescope album of Bunnymen/Bauhaus stylings on 'Blending', and we've got a reissue of 'Those Days Are Gone', the 2014 debut by Nashville emo kings FREE THROW on color wax.
    Stars of the Lid's Adam Wiltzie and Greek artist Christina Vantzou teamed up as THE DEAD TEXAN for one wonderful album in 2004, a dark time in world history in which many labels were not even releasing things on vinyl! Can you imagine? This specific case has been remedied this week with an LP edition of this absolutely stunning album of warm neoclassical that easily sits alongside the celebrated SOTL classics. Swedish DIY folkie ASTRID �STER MORTENSON's short-run albums have been dazzling the small numbers of listeners who have managed to track em down. With a few armloads of scavenged bits of gear, Mortenson makes fragile, liminal folk music that feels as though its coming down the wire of an old transistor radio on its last drop of battery, in the tradition of Grouper, Aki Tsuyuko, or Aoba Ichiko. Her 2021 debut 'Gro Mig En Blomst' gets a reprint this week, alongside a pair of LPs from her fellow Goteborgians NEUTRAL, a duo who make lo-fi no wave in the tradition of Suicide and Mars, but with that added mysterious air of Nordic gloom.
    Australian avant-jazz veteran OREN AMBARCHI has hit a thrilling new stride with his last few albums that turn plucked guitar and percussion elements into a glittering tapestry of sound that has no identifiable source, as if he has just alchemized a new instrument. On a new LP called 'Shebang' he keeps this system moving, with a monster crew of players that have way more fun within their somewhat academic approaches to music than most, like Jim O'Rourke, Julia Reidy, Joe Talia, and even pedal-steel hero BJ Cole. Multi-instrumentalist DIALECT returns to the Rvng label with a beautiful album of kankyo ongaku style ambient sketches called 'Advanced Myth'. Ohio trio EMERALDS kicked off the American ambient revival with a torrid run of cd-rs and tapes in the late 00s before signing to Mego alongside Oneohtrix Point Never. It's almost not humanly possible to appreciate how much great music they made in that short span, but a deep listen to their 2009 album 'Solar Bridge' provides a stunning sample, released on vinyl for the first time now, originally a cassette on Aaron Dilloway's legendary noise label Hanson. 'Listening Music / Anfang', a gorgeous 1975 private press LP from Pennsylvanian MARC EMORY gets a lovely new edition, perfect for fans of Fahey, Kottke, and Daniel Hecht.
    Over sixty years ago, the pianist and composer known as SUN RA was already far into the future. His 1962 LP 'The Futuristic Sounds of Sun Ra' is an early career highlight full of cosmic portents, back in print this week, alongside reissues of Latin gems (JOE BATAAN's 'Gypsy Woman'), rare dub deposits (BORIS GARDINER's 'Ultra Super Dub Vol. 1') and Argentinian gothic rock (EUROSHIMA's 'Gala').
    Lots of folks get called pioneers around this newsletter, but its still not a term we try to use lightly. Now I wasn't there, but I'm still fairly sure there weren't too many dudes wearing their hair long, ripping towering solos of doom-laden guitar, and singing about evil icebergs like RANDY HOLDEN was in the early 70s when he briefly served time in Blue Cheer, and released the cult-fave proto metal masterpiece 'Population II'. Somehow, all these eons later, Randy is still letting 'em rip, as he shows with a killer new slab called, naturally, 'Population III'. Funeral doom standard bearers MOURNFUL CONGREGATION see their elegantly evil classic 'The June Frost' get a repress, and we have a new album from SLIPKNOT called 'The End, So Far', and a reissue of the ALICE COOPER classic 'Live from the Astroturf'.
    If you don't need the constant stream of reissues and anniversary editions highlighting the inexorable march of time, we've saved these small reminders for the end of the newsletter. Back in print this week: TV ON THE RADIO's 'Young Liars', BRAINIAC's 'Electro-shock for President', THE HIVES' 'Barely Legal', and TAKING BACK SUNDAY's 'Happiness Is'. You're welcome!
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    Another steady set of winners in the new arrivals this week! A wide variety of rock classics are in, including but not limited to David Bowie, Velvet Underground, CCR, King Crimson, Blue Oyster Cult, Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, Santana, Queen, The Kinks, Motorhead, Motley Crue & Rush.

    New wave & synth pop is also well represented this week, with names like Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Talking Heads, Kate Bush, & more.

    Soul staples are in from Aretha Franklin, Hot Chocolate, Al Green, Diana Ross & The Supremes, Bobby Womack, Stevie Wonder, & SOS Band. Blues, folk, & country are here from Howlin' Wolf, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, John Prine, Doc & Merle Watson, Hank Williams, Tex Ritter, Buck Owens, Ernest Tubb & more.

    Jazz is in from Duke Ellington, Joao Gilberto, Max Roach, Grover Washington, Yusef Lateef, Horace Silver, Dexter Gordon, & others.

    We finish things out this week with a deep stash of soundtracks, some oddball comedy records, and a tidy stack of sealed kids records (GI Joe & He-Man heads take note!).
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    Strictly Discs will be the place to be this Post-Thanksgiving-Shopping-Melee-Day, also known as Black Friday.

    And that's because certain indie stores across the country will be the place to get special releases created just for you, for giving and getting this holiday season, and they're scheduled for release on Black Friday, November 25, 2022.

    Now, this is not Record Store Day, Jr., but it is brought to you by the powers-that-be at Record Store Day. This is a group of special releases you can only find at certain independent record stores nationwide. The magic of these pieces (many uber-limited) is that every one of them is something someone will really LOVE to get, and you'll really ENJOY giving. And you may have the added nice feeling of supporting a local, independently owned (Strictly Discs, Independently Owned since 1988) business during the holidays.

    Here is Strictly Discs' plan for the day:

    1. We OPEN at 9AM for RSD shopping

    2. Line to form westbound on Monroe Street

    3. While in line, you will be handed a menu of all RSD/BF titles  

    4. We will pull your requests & you will check out outside

    5. The shop will open for normal browsing at approximately 10 (when the RSD line is gone)

    6. RSD titles will be located upstairs

    Thank you for helping us to keep this event safe & fun.


    WISHLISTS can be made HERE. The deadline to create or modify a RSD BLACK FRIDAY WISH LIST is Wednesday, September 28th at NOON.

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Music Releases 09-30-22

Artist Title Price
Pixies Doggerel [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Yellow LP] New Vinyl: $27.98
Metric Formentera [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Sky Blue LP] New Vinyl: $23.98
Sammy Hagar & The Circle Crazy Times New CD: $12.99
Slipknot The End, So Far [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Neon Yellow 2LP] New Vinyl: $31.98
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead XI: Bleed Here Now [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Clear w/ Translucent Blue Swirl 2LP] New Vinyl: $32.98
Brooke Annibale Better By Now [Opaque Electric Blue LP] New Vinyl: $24.98
Lambchop The Bible [Indie Exclusive limited Edition Peak Yellow & Black Marbled 2LP] New Vinyl: $31.98
L.A. Salami Ottloline [2LP] New Vinyl: $27.98
Shygirl Nymph [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Transparent Blue LP] New Vinyl: $29.98
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Cool It Down [Opaque Yellow LP] New Vinyl: $27.98
Tyler Childers Can I Take My Hounds To Heaven? [3LP] New Vinyl: $60.98
George Michael Older: Remastered [Limited Edition Super Deluxe Box Set] New Vinyl: $223.98
OFF! Free LSD [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Deep Purple LP] New Vinyl: $29.98
Drowning Pool Strike A Nerve [LP] New Vinyl: $25.99
Milly Eternal Ring [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Orange Crush LP] New Vinyl: $22.98
renforshort dear amelia [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Clear LP] New Vinyl: $29.98
Philip Glass The Hours (Music From The Original Motion Picture) [2LP] New Vinyl: $34.98
Sol Messiah GOD CMPLX [Red & Black Marbled / Blue & Black Marbled 2LP] New Vinyl: $29.98
Julie Odell Autumn Eve [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Clear LP] New Vinyl: $17.98
Richard Marx Songwriter New CD: $15.99
Titus Andronicus The Will to Live [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Silver & Black LP] New Vinyl: $31.98
Los Angeles Philharmonic, Susanna Mälkki Steve Reich: Runner / Music for Ensemble & Orchestra New CD: $13.99
Senses Fail Hell Is In Your Head [Limited Edition Pink LP] New Vinyl: $25.98
YG I Got Issues New CD: $11.99

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